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A bit heavier than a normal glass which seems to make the drink a bit more manly (I grew a beard while holding it)

Ryan W.

I drink a lot of whisky and will never go back to drinking in a regular scotch glass again. These Spades glasses enhance the experience of tasting refined scotch.


These glasses are quite handsome. I'll be giving them to my brother-in-law as a birthday gift as he is a scotch connaisseur. These glasses are well made and fit well in the hand.

Leah S

When I made my drink, everyone wanted to hold the glass. If there is a downside, I then had to make mixed drinks for my buddies drinking beer, as everyone wanted to drink from them.


Ergonomic shape seems to hug your fingers in between the curves on the glass meaning that whether it's your first drink of the night or the eighth, you'll feel safe that it won't slip out of your hand.

Ryan W.

I've been a bartender for years and am no stranger to lowball glassware. These may be the best I've found. The heft is perfectly balanced, the grooves ergonomic, and the aesthetic remains true to the name

Graham Oliveira

I ordered these glasses for my bf for Christmas and they just arrived. I opened the box to ensure none broke in transit (they were all intact as they are packaged very well), and I was very pleased with the quality, weight, and feel.


So I'm a fan of art, and I can see the artistic merit in these glasses, they are beautiful. The finger notches are superb in terms of look and feel. The base is thick and features a spherical cut out that feels nice when your fingers wander from their notches.

Chris Stafford

There was a small blemish on one of the glasses when it arrived; nothing major and understandable since they are handmade. The vendor went above and beyond in my opinion and shipped me a replacement immediately. I would highly recommend these glasses and the service from the seller was excellent.